April 2012

Mormon Democrats

The Few, The Proud, The Persecuted

The LDS/Mormon Church often gets a bad rap as being too homogenized. But nothing could be further from the truth.  People often forget that there are Mormons who are a little bit country, and Mormons who are a little bit rock and roll. There's pro-mayonaise Mormons, and then there's their more-raucous pro-Miracle Whip neighbors. And, obviously, there are staunch conservative Mormons like Orrin Hatch and Mitt Romney, and then there are more liberal Mormons like Harry Reid and Mitt Romney.

Mormon missionary work defines the church

"Mormonism is a missionary church and its public relations campaigns have consistently helped define its teachings, theology, and culture."

Whether you agree or disagree with their content, public relations campaigns from the LDS/Mormon church help shape public opinion and are essential to the Mormon missionary efforts.  The Church has fluctuated, in terms of growth, from its beginnings as a missionary church, to growth coming from within (from births) and back again to its missionary roots.  So, if you want to know where Mormonism going, look at Mormon missionary work.