January 2012

Are Mormon’s flip-floppers by nature?

Continuing Revelation and It's Effect on Members of the LDS Chuch

Are Mormon’s flip-floppers by nature? Latter-day Saints (Mormons) reject a closed canon. The scriptures are God's word, but they are not God's final word, they believe. It seems unreasonable to them that if God spoke to prophets before, that he would not do so now. The scriptural texts we have are not sufficient to teach us everything God ultimately intends humanity to know.  Our present understanding is incomplete and, in the long term, inadequate. Therefore, important truths will be revealed in the future that have never been known before. 

Ask a Mormon

Often times I read about how Mormons, as a whole, are characterized and am appalled at the misrepresentation of the people and the religion.  When I decide I want to learn about something, or find an expert opinion, I usually go to the expert.  I would think that a podiatrist would know something about feet.  Eddie Van Halen would know a thing or two about guitars and playing guitars.  Billy Beane would be able to give me the in’s and out’s about putting together a winning baseball team on a minimal budget.  But Mormons…well, if you want to know about Mormons, ask someone who isn’t a Mormon.  Maybe Howard Bloom or Jon Krakauer or Ron Howard or even those South Park guys.  Doesn’t that seem a bit odd?