July 2009

Mormon Farmer Feeds the Needy

Living in the Bible belt, I know firsthand that religion can be stifling, oppressive, contradictory and prejudicial. I know it can ruin people’s lives, separate families, and hurt people in the community, the country, and even the planet.

But I also know that it can sometimes save people’s lives, and that many of the kindest people I know are religious people. I know plenty of Midwesterners who may not be able to point out much on a map—or even “believe” in evolution!—but they would help you fix a flat or shovel snow much more quickly than many other, more “sophisticated” people might. And doesn’t kindness matter most?

Dave Baldauf, a 43-year-old Mormon, farmer and self-described “country boy” of Sarasota Springs, Utah is a kind fellow. He uses his faith in a loving way—to provide for the needy.