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Our God may not be perfect

But he is nearer to us than we think.

In mainstream Christianity, God is considered an eternal being who created the world and the universe in which we reside.  Furthermore, he is a perfect being who cannot be controlled by any part of creation. However, in Mormon thought, we see God not as this platonic ideal but as a being subject to the natural laws of the universe who does not have power to overcome free will.  Does this make the Mormon God any less perfect or powerful than the traditional Christian?

The idea of a God with limited power is abhorrence to mainstream Christianity.  This thought that God works within law places supernatural miracles within the myth category, or at least in the realm of unexplainable technology.  But more importantly, in understanding God’s nature, according to Mormon theology means that not everything has to perfect if it is associated with God. 

That being said, God is perfect in our sphere.  Just as a toddler sees its parent as a loving perfect example of personhood, but yet sometimes prone to frustration and unable to change the effects of mistakes or accidents, Mormons see God as a perfect being (in our sphere) – yet one that God is ever progressing. 

This idea of a less than perfect God seems heretical to many Christians.  But, to the Mormon, God is not to be found in creed and orthodoxy, but rather, in the one to one personal spiritual experience that we call testimony.  And this testimony is the discovery that God is nearer to us as humans than we think.

God is not so distant and he fully knows our weakness and has more compassion than we possibly can realize. Furthermore, since we believe all humans have a divine nature than we are directly connected to God and may someday reside with him in a realm of glory.