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I want to join but am confused

Okay, so I've been going to a LDS church and have been seeing missionaries at my home. I am thinking about joining but am confused. I've been reading some information and it's said that Mormonism is a cult and that no one should join. Now, I know that that was obviously subjective but I get that vibe. I do get the vibe that they are preoccupied with getting people to join. Can someone please, objectively, tell me if this is true or not. I respect the religion and their views on family and marriage, but it's scary to change your religion. Are there people who are members and non-members that can tell me if this choice I'm making is right? I will pray and hopefully God will help me make that decision. Some questions that I have regarding Mormonism and The Book of Mormon are: * Is the Mormon chruch the only true church and who get's that right but God. * why are they so preoccupied with having non-members join? * why do they think that they are almighty and every church and non-member is unworthy? *what's up with the non-questioning thing for officials? Sorry, if I offended anyone with my questions. I just want to know what I'm doing is right. Thank you!!!