So Christians, what’s up with that whole Romney thing?

So Christians, what’s up with that whole Romney thing?

I thought you would vote for, you know…a Christian or something.

One of my friends recently pointed out that it’s weird that we have all of these Christians voting for Mitt Romney on religious grounds. Many of our own Christian and Catholic friends claim they support ol’ Mitt because he’s against abortion and same-sex marriage. Yet Romney is a pretty obvious Mormon, and these same Christians claim that Mormonism doesn’t represent their values.

I suppose these must be the same Christians who claim that President Obama cannot be Christian, as they believe he is a Muslim, no matter how much disclosure he offers nor how many facts he presents.

That’s the problem, isn’t it? Those pesky little facts! God forbid we attempt to humor one, let alone them all! The fact of the matter also remains that the Bible—that Christianity—was used for years by white supremacists who wanted to continue supporting segregation, in completely non-Christian ways. Today it’s being used to suppress the rights of the LGBT community as well as women’s health and reproductive decisions.

Mitt’s Mormonism doesn’t bother me. Some of my friends are Mormons. Now, the whole Mormon support of Prop 8—that DOES bother me. As soon as you start mixing up religion and politics and burning women as witches, well, we’re all in trouble. But as long as you’re doing it, Christian friends, don’t you think you could at least be consistent and choose a Christian man over a Mormon one?

Ahh, I see, it’s the whole black thing, isn’t it? Do you just want a white president? “Oh!” I hear you cry. “That’s offensive! I’m not a racist!” Oh, no? Then what else are we to believe when you have an openly Christian man who is behaving like Christ—being charitable, helping the poor, loving all people and trying to give everyone equal opportunities and healthcare—as president, and you say, “Yeah, no, I’m voting for the Mormon.”

Back it up with something other than religion, folks, because you’re falling flat on your face with this one. I have friends voting for Romnesia because of his economic principles—whatever those are, amirite?—or because they’re afraid of socialism like Baby’s parents were afraid of sex in Dirty Dancing and they want to put America in a corner, for goodness sake!—but none of them claim religious principles, save my Mormon friends, which at least makes sense.

I know you like to pick and choose, conservative evangelical Christian friends. You do it all the time with the Bible and our gay friends. But how about being consistent for a change?