Let us all speak kind words to each other

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In every well established religion there is at least a little bit of truth. Be it Jewish, Bhuddist, Muslim, Christian, Daoist, and so forth. To put down another religion shows your lack of faith in your own. Most religions including mine emphasize on peace and being neighbor to one another. Please harness your tounges for they reflect upon me as well.
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Hi! Yes, we are to speak the truth in love.
Truth unfortunately offends. Sometimes people who are insensitive, yet feel they have the truth, act offensively in the way they try to convey the truth.
The Bible says in Psalm 119:160, "Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of they righteous judgments endureth forever." and Psalm 119:151,152 "Thou art near, O LORD; and all they commandments are truth. Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou has founded them for ever."
>There are many things that are taught on Mormon sites that are not found in the Bible. Yet, there are many things we would both agree upon. I am firmly convinced that the Bible is the foundation of our faith, everything else is "extraneous", man-made or deception. The simple gospel of Christ is that He paid for our sins and it is a free gift if we accept it by faith. We don't have to work for it and thus we cannot boast of our good works. If any teaching does not convey this truth about Jesus' saving grace, it is wrong/false. It says, "All scripture (Bible) is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." 11 Timothy 3:17-18. May God bless you all who have read with having the eyes of your understanding opened and receiving the knowledge of Jesus Christ - Ephesians 1:17-23.


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1. Are spirit children angels?

2. How did spirit children become people?

3. If we were all spirit children, then why don’t I remember being one?

4. Why wasn’t Jesus the first person on Earth as he was the first spirit child?

5. Who was Jesus’s Spirit mother?

6. Who was Lucifer’s mother?

7. If Jesus and Lucifer were spirit children like the rest of us were, then why do they have more power than the rest of us?

8. Why did God and the spirit children discuss a plan of salvation before sin was brought into this world?

9. If Lucifer was a spirit child, then who was he when he was born into human form, and if he was or will be in human form, then will he progress to godhood, because after all, Lucifer wanted people to be saved?

10. If Lucifer wanted people to get saved, then why is he evil?

11. If there is no Hell, then where will Lucifer end up, in a heaven?

12. Would you trust Lucifer’s brother?

13. Why do spirit children grow to adults in heaven before the moment of conception into a human being?

14. Why did God have to have sex with Mary if Jesus was already a spirit child; and why did she birth Jesus and not Satan or somebody else?

15. Why did Joseph marry Mary after she had sex with somebody else?

16. Does God still worship his god?

17. What is the last level of Heaven like; if it’s not so bad then why should we strive to reach the upper levels of Heaven?

18. Non-Mormons shouldn’t be fearful of not becoming saved because we got nothing to be saved from if we are only going to go to the last level of Heaven, because you (like Jehovah’s Witnesses) believe that there is no Hell or eternal torture; plus Mormons believe that you can get a second chance after death, so why should any Mormon keep his own religion instead of having fun all the time?

19. When the world ends and everything is done, will God still need spirit children? Spirit children won’t be born on Earth after the end, and won’t “climb” to godhood because they don’t have a physical body, and you have to a physical body to become a god.

20. If God is a physical being, then why do his wives give birth to spiritual children?

21. How many heavens are there since you believe that there are three heavens, but God has ancestors who all live in their own heavens?

22. Why do dark-skinned people stay dark-skinned when they become a Mormon?

23. If God is an exalted man with a body of flesh and bones, why does Alma 18:26-28 and John 4:24 say that God is a spirit?

24. If the Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book on earth, as Joseph Smith said, why does it contain over 4,000 changes from the original 1830 edition?

25. If the Book of Mormon contains the “fullness of the everlasting gospel”, why does the LDS Church need additional works?

26. Why do you baptize for the dead when both Mosiah 3:25 and the Bible state that there is no chance of salvation after death?

27. Why does Doctrines and Covenants 42:18 say that there is no forgiveness for a murderer when 3 Nephi 30:2 says there is forgiveness for him?


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Hello Phillip, I have enjoyed your talks. Let us talk for awhile, you and I.

I first apologize for more rudeness, If I have offended anyone, I appologize. My attempt is to discuss the differences from the Bible to the bom, pogp, and other docterines. This is very hard when a point is given from the Bible and then someone says that the Bible is translated wrong. I guess that is where we must start. What is the best translated Bible so that we can work from that. I will also have access in Greek and Hebrew from the original text so that we may decifer the true meaning. If we can agree on the correct translation that I am willing to discuss docterine with you.


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Philip Saxton

I would like to leave a simple part of my testimony with you tonight. Words are an interesting thing. They can mean many things that the author never intended. They can be twisted, manipulated and understood to mean things completely different than what they were intended to mean. Now for my testimony. I believe in the 'mormon' church for many reasons. Not one of which can be reached 'logically.' It is easy enough to talk back and forth with many arguments which we cannot possibly find enough mutually agreeable facts to reach a common conclusion. In the 'mormon' church, we believe that everybody can have the holy ghost or holy spirit, or whatever you want to call it. I know what it feels to be around things that are of the devil. I know what it feels to be around things that are of the lord. I know my church is true. The Lord tells me so. I believe that God talks to man just as in the days of the bible and I believe that he will always speak to man. This is the foundation of all of my faith. I know the 'mormon' church is true because the Lord has manifested it to me. Not in some great vision or visitation, but in my heart. If you are searching for truth, I would ask you to ask the Lord in humble prayer. I would like to leave you with my testimony in the name of the Almighty. Amen


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What have I said that was so upsetting? I have asked a question and have not recieved an answer? I apologize if I have insulted someone. I do not belong to a religion. I believe that religion is killing christ like it did before. We read and teach from the bible with translations from greek and hebrew so there is no misunderstandings? Maybe you can help me on a question that I asked a former missionary, that if the american indians are the decendents of the Laminites, that were from Jeruselem and were Jews, why can the american indians not grow beards? Even in the book of mormon you show the mighty battles with white guys with beards? And such a mighty nation with silk, and coins, and gold, and swords that they digressed into teepees and loin clothes. They must of had thousands of weapons from all of those wars to collect and use, that they went back to the bow and arrow, when they had schmiters and armor?


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I agree with you there is little truth in religions. But lets turn it around. Lets say I make you some brownies. I put in good ingredients, sugar, flour, eggs, water, milk, mmmmmmmm.... sounds good. But then all of a sudden my spoon fell on the ground and landed on some dog poop. No problem, I will just stir that in also. It won't hurt. Want some?


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idaho... your story is so cute....dog poop....Okay now let's apply that to the Church Christ organized while he lived. He chose 12 apostles, 11 pretty good ones and one that = dog poop. Why did Christ pick up a dirty spoon like Judas and mix him in with the good ingredients? But then again, Peter was sort of a bad egg and Thomas was sort of like sour milk. No problem, they just mixed them in also. Want some?
Do you see Idaho that when a man (like you) is looking to condemn a thing (the restored Gospel of Christ) he can surely drum up some evidence. You see exactly what you want to see.


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One more thing Idaho, How conv. for you to claim no religious organization. What about baptism, which Christ himself said was to be done in order to be saved? You may SAY you join no religion but your behavior here proves your religion. It's called Anti-Mormon. If this is Christ's restored Gospel (and I know it is) then you have persecuted and mocked your King and your faith base is Anti Christ.